Poem 4-22-2016

A child crouched / on the aside of a stream / A burbling parenthesis / in some future / reminiscence Continue reading


What would it be like if You were a big being holding the oblate ball of the Earth in Your hand – would it be wet? Continue reading

Idylls of Heaven on Earth

Held on a leash in life’s lease, / the buttresses of relaxation we hurriedly make Continue reading

Birth of Our Planet

Spinning dust around clump of star / banging itself into planet, battered matter Continue reading

April 25 2015 poem

Ablation / we’re like a glacier leaving a trail Continue reading

Black History Month Poems #17

Ichthyology studies stars like a mystic / traces the embossing of runes, icthys, / quintessence caught, slow bubbles / in the magnum mysterium Continue reading

Bird poem

Chests fluffed, Continue reading


Like the fairy tales I packed cheese, bread, drink Continue reading

Mountain (poem)

Mountain: / Tectonic kiss Continue reading


In the blink of an eye / peacock fan Continue reading