Better Twenty-first Century Energy Jobs – Rally Tuesday


21st Century Energy Jobs. May these be jobs of healing and fun. Zipping around yet plodding as required. And civilization–the promise of reduced employment in labor yet sufficient labor, Reality. Sufficient labor such that we are happy not only in net, but in quantized distribution throughout all people. In quantized distribution throughout animals, too such that they follow the variegated patterns of nature, jaw interlocking into flank sometimes when that fits the grain, too. But not human animals. Human animals can follow the whirl of the grain of promise that we dreamed, that this Ness dreamed and dreams for us. The whirl that whisks us away from nightmare. The whirl that creates round tables. The whirl that creates constitutions. The whirl that creates the Lower Middle Class Ethic and recognizes it not as an ethic of the oppressed but an ethic of the blessed. Let’s all become Lower Middle Class. Let’s lose that Upper aspiration, let’s lose that material aspiration but keep it sufficiently for employment. Let’s all be employed but not in extractive technologies that depreciate. The Earth is not a car with a depreciating blue book value. The Earth is a space ship. The Earth is a space ship and we have what we need to fly around the sun and the sun has what it needs to fly around its rotation, too. The solar system is a spaceship. We are being rescued. We are rescuing ourselves.Our 21st Century Energy jobs are jobs that include new green energy. New green energy that is lower energy in terms of consumption but higher energy in terms of output. This new green energy means that people have to work less unless they want to work more. This new green energy provides jobs to those who need and or want them. This new green energy says, “Everyone must have at least three months of rest and vacation time every rotation around the sun.” This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for poetry.” This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for oration.” This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for riding your bike to get organic fruits and vegetables.” This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for taking walks in woods.” This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for raising your family.” This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid in every way we can pay you.”The sad old brown energy is flickering a bit–we had our oil lamp dreams. Our oil lamp dreams, yellow sun, bright lights like the yellow sun. The lamp flickers, “Yes, thank you for remembering my promise. I am a sun bringer.” The sad old black liquid energy that moves in potential under the ground, that locks in potential in the sand. The energy that didn’t really realize it could be energy in explosion of population. The energy that created so much joy. The energy that burgened. The energy that created us. The energy that increased crop yields. That old black liquid energy of the large monoculture crop harvesting machines. That old black liquid energy that diffracted into 300 plastic chemicals in a newborn baby’s body. That old black liquid energy that we love but must love respectfully and use less and less of. Old black liquid energy, please be at rest. Old black liquid energy, please do not turn into fertilizers and pesticides, be asleep  let yourself rest.Old black liquid energy created a lot of containers and forms. Forms that move air, forms that we could eat and drink from. Forms that contained forms.Old black liquid energy, we are done with you for now, please go sleep. Old black liquid energy, may we use you less and less. Old black liquid energy, may you be revered for all this grand diversity and modernization. Old black liquid energy, may you be respected for a new application of the concept of moderation and not being locked in to winner took all.Winner took all took too much, old black energy. Winner took all is getting lonely. Winner took all wonders why the net quantized actualization of civilization spread into people container units raised expectations of more old black liquid energy and machine built pesticide spread animal flesh corn fed blend. Winner took all sees the old black energy being diffracted into air that can no longer be filtered enough. Into air that cannot be sequestered enough. Into air that is realizing that it cannot be sequestered enough with the old black liquid energy. Winner took all lost itself, old black liquid energy. Winner took all can find itself by giving itself up. Winner took all does not flicker into islands surrounded by gates and guards. Winner took all cannot sequester itself behind tall gates, tall prisons into which the air that can no longer be filtered enough flowers into sicknesses of sheltered existences.Winner took all cannot hide behind gates–the gates are sirens. The gates are guarded by alarms that ring. Winner took all, please give yourself up. We know you are giving yourself up, winner took all. Buffet, Soros, gates… Buffet and Soros and gates are giving themselves up. Good for them that got and saw that they’d got too much. Good for them who have got hot dog god to do good.

~ Lady

Rally with the Sierra Club at the FirstEnergy Shareholders Meeting

Rally Against FirstEnergy in ColumbusFirstEnergy’s history of putting their profits ahead of customers’ needs can be stopped. That’s why we are joining with our allies to help FirstEnergy make the right call and begin the transition to clean energy.While other Ohio utilities have realized clean energy is where the action is, FirstEnergy has still lobbied, cut deals, and  burned dirty coal.

The Sierra Club, members of SEIU 1199 and Fight For a Fair Economy invite you to help FirstEnergy make better decisions for people and environment!

Event Details

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

WHO: Sierra Club, SEIU 1199, Fight For a Fair Economy, and your friends, neighbors, and other FirstEnergy customers.

WHAT: A demonstration and consciousness-raising event at FirstEnergy’s annual shareholder meeting.

WHERE: John S. Knight Center, 77 East Mill Street, Akron, OH 44308 (Map)

**** Busing provided from Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Youngstown and Canton. RSVP to reserve your seat and for departure time and location. **** 

Questions: Rashay Layman, 614-461-0734 Ext. 307, or email

If you’d like to attend this event you can RSVP online.

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