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Former Davis-Besse Area, August 2028

By 2028, wind farms replace nuclear power plants, and large organic farms with many types of crops replace monoculture fields. Continue reading

Visualizing the Future: An Intersection on W. 14th in Cleveland

A look at W. 14th and Buhrer in Cleveland – how it appeared August 2013 and how it can appear August 2023! Continue reading

Pancake Breakfast Day at Holden Arboretum

Pics from hike at Holden Arboretum March 16, 2013. Great to catch a later show of snowiness this winter! Continue reading

Bridal Sky

Sky celebration of a commitment to great futures for Reality Continue reading

We are precious

August 2012 sign Continue reading

Music for Ma

Hope Song for Mother Earth, High Wind Whether by Smith, Cloud Bank by Julianna Barwick and The Four Seasons by Lei Qiang. Continue reading