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Leftovers from winter’s mulching appetite, / powerfully trampled-over crumble of / dead-looking brown Continue reading

Renewable Energy Development Presentation at Economic Development Luncheon

Aaron Godwin of The Renaissance Group on solving the big thing. Continue reading


Birds, hunkering down in this / Ohio winter, clamped fat / on rocking branches Continue reading

Winter Won

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Former Davis-Besse Area, August 2028

By 2028, wind farms replace nuclear power plants, and large organic farms with many types of crops replace monoculture fields. Continue reading

Working Environmentalism In

Practical ideas for grooming, commuting, eating and using electricity in a more environmentally-friendly way. Continue reading

Taking Care of the Macrocosm

Buddhists say that everything that appears externally is just a manifestation of mind. Sometimes I torment myself about this… I wonder to what degree I can practice being on Earth in a nonharmful way… Continue reading


I’m craving being outside more. I’m craving hearing wildlife. I’m craving not always being on the computer all the time. Not that I don’t like the computer, it’s just that I’m on it so much, way more than 8 hours daily. Continue reading

Matching Germany

There’s an interesting table on Wikipedia of a list of countries, their renewable energy use divided up into various categories, and % total generation… Continue reading

Looking for the good middle line

Our old Honda was costing us more and more–after having spent several thousand on repairs this year and learning that to repair the rust on it would cost another thousand, we decided to get a new car… Continue reading