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Renewable Energy Development Presentation at Economic Development Luncheon

Aaron Godwin of The Renaissance Group on solving the big thing. Continue reading


I’ve been wondering about the water aspects of this for a while, not just thinking about the pollution of water but just basic water consumption and wastewater disposal. Continue reading

Renewing the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)

On Monday, November 19 the Sierra Club sponsored a press conference at the Great Lakes Science Center about renewing the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC). The tax credit was started in 1992 and has really helped stimulate the development of the renewable part of the energy industry… Continue reading

Moving towards personal sustainability

Gearing up psychologically to take the next step in sustainability, I researched bus schedules today. I work the next county over but I’ve only been commuting to work once or twice a week via car. Cuyahoga County’s RTA does connect with Lake County’s Laketran… Continue reading

Following up on First Energy’s Employees and Communities

I’m much encouraged that First Energy is closing six coal plants in the Lake Erie area. This will help the health of area residents and is a step towards renewable, clean energy. However, what happens to the people who work in the coal plants that are shutting down? Continue reading

Shale gas is not a suitable bridge energy

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama advocated of development of shale gas as a good environmentally friendly “bridge” energy. University professors, environmentalists and experience tell a different story. Continue reading

The New Money Train

Healing the environment involves more than finding one particular solution to produce energy. Healing the environment involves using a spectrum of possible simultaneous solutions and actions. There is a new money train. The new money train is a healthier money train and it is sustainable in terms of the environment. It runs on a spectrum of simultaneous solutions. Continue reading