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Renewable Energy Development Presentation at Economic Development Luncheon

Aaron Godwin of The Renaissance Group on solving the big thing. Continue reading


I’ve been wondering about the water aspects of this for a while, not just thinking about the pollution of water but just basic water consumption and wastewater disposal. Continue reading

Good Energy Solutions

Sometimes it’s too easy to get overwhelmed by bad news. I think it’s good to keep proper perspective in mind. It might seem like news is predominantly bad, but what happens in most people’s lives is actually mostly good. Continue reading

Former Davis-Besse Area, August 2028

By 2028, wind farms replace nuclear power plants, and large organic farms with many types of crops replace monoculture fields. Continue reading

Working Environmentalism In

Practical ideas for grooming, commuting, eating and using electricity in a more environmentally-friendly way. Continue reading

Top-down and bottom-up

Our typical lifestyle needs to be revamped. And the abuse of resources and animals and Mother Earth is so prevalent, it’s difficult to extract ourselves as individuals from it. Top-down reform is called for. Continue reading

Thrift that helps the Environment

Conserve cooking fuel, conserve water, conserve electricity & conserve food. Continue reading