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I learned there is some promising research being done in egg sexing. By sexing eggs, it is possible to reduce the amount of male chick births, which will help reduce the cruel practices towards them. Continue reading

Renewable Energy Development Presentation at Economic Development Luncheon

Aaron Godwin of The Renaissance Group on solving the big thing. Continue reading

Written Comment to Ohio EPA: Deal with Cuyahoga Dredging Sediments Safely

My letter to the EPA; public comments are being accepted through March 13, 2014. I attended the public hearing March 6, 2014 at Cleveland Public Library pertaining to the proposal by the Army Corps of Engineers to dump sediments from dredging into the lake. It is the responsibility of our government–the Ohio EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies–to deal with these sediments in a manner that is good for the public and the environment. Continue reading

Top-down and bottom-up

Our typical lifestyle needs to be revamped. And the abuse of resources and animals and Mother Earth is so prevalent, it’s difficult to extract ourselves as individuals from it. Top-down reform is called for. Continue reading

Happy Holidays from the Planet

Dear Citizens of my Realm, thank you very much for some great news. As you know, I’ve been following recent news regarding your development of renewable energy… Continue reading

Renewing the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)

On Monday, November 19 the Sierra Club sponsored a press conference at the Great Lakes Science Center about renewing the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC). The tax credit was started in 1992 and has really helped stimulate the development of the renewable part of the energy industry… Continue reading

Fracking banned in Vermont ~ let’s ban fracking in all states, too

In May 2012 Vermont banned fracking and signed H. 464 into law. I’m wondering what steps people took to achieve this path, and how fracking will be banned in other states… Continue reading

Studying and communicating well helps activist causes

It’s not that one can’t make some simple heuristic determinations as a layperson on a topic and not feel reasonably well situated in a position. But if one is an activist, it behooves one to really study the issue, and it’s certainly more responsible to the movement and to the people one is working on motivating… Continue reading

Better than fracking

I’m concerned because I saw that Sherrod Brown lauded Chesapeake Energy at a job fair in April, the biggest and most notorious company that deals with fracking and land speculation in fracking… Continue reading

Conversation is the lubricant for the action we wish to see

It is better to have productive conversations with those you wish to convince rather than shut down conversation. Conversation is the lubricant for the action we wish to see. Conversation keeps the faith to the seriousness of purpose of that to which we are dedicated. Continue reading