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Being in the right place: / doing right actions / having right livelihood /
behaving forthright– Continue reading


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Written Comment to Ohio EPA: Deal with Cuyahoga Dredging Sediments Safely

My letter to the EPA; public comments are being accepted through March 13, 2014. I attended the public hearing March 6, 2014 at Cleveland Public Library pertaining to the proposal by the Army Corps of Engineers to dump sediments from dredging into the lake. It is the responsibility of our government–the Ohio EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies–to deal with these sediments in a manner that is good for the public and the environment. Continue reading


I’ve been wondering about the water aspects of this for a while, not just thinking about the pollution of water but just basic water consumption and wastewater disposal. Continue reading

Working Environmentalism In

Practical ideas for grooming, commuting, eating and using electricity in a more environmentally-friendly way. Continue reading

Talking Well: Citing Research to Support Claims about Fracking

Although one should not have to do extensive research to have an opinion on such a seemingly flagrant violation of the environment such as fracking, it does help when discussing the matter with elected officials and state agencies. Reviewing the info that’s out there and citing helps one develop more fluency with the material, helps one come across as being more rational and articulate about the matter. Continue reading

Focus on preventing fracking

The fracking industry has said that they encase the wells very strongly in concrete and steel. But industry documents have shown that *upon installation*, 6 or 7% or the wells have had cracks. And 50% of them have been developing cracks over a period of thirty years. Continue reading

Looking forward to a safe, clean-energy future

The Department of Energy figures that by 2030, 20% of our power can come from wind energy alone, the Union of Concerned Scientists says that around that date renewable energy can provide 40% of U.S. electricity needs, the International Energy Agency says that by 2062, solar power generators can produce most of the world’s electricity. Continue reading

Facts about fracking

A lot of times I just take things on faith–when the environmental community says something is bad, then I tend to believe what the community is saying. Continue reading