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New Anti-fracking Group Meetup in Cleveland

Tuesdays @ 6 in Lincoln Park. Meet up to coordinate strategies, organize, and have a good time. Learn from successful experiences of other areas and how to apply these experiences to Cleveland. Continue reading

Columbus Fracking Prevention Conference

Brief tidbits and pics from June 14-17, 2012 gathering in Columbus. Continue reading

Better Twenty-first Century Energy Jobs – Rally Tuesday

Poem and invitation to May 15, 2012 rally at FirstEnergy shareholders meeting (Akron) to help raise consciousness and move us forward to clean, renewable energy. Continue reading

Second Cleveland Incinerator Hearing, Help Tar Sands Protester

Invitations to participate in Jan. 19, 2012 hearing in Cleveland RE proposed trash gasification and Jan. 24 D.C. trial of tar sands protester Dan Choi. Continue reading

Mon., Jan. 9 Hearing on Proposed Garbage Incinerator (Cleveland)

The City of Cleveland is trying to build an incinerator to produce power from garbage, to “gasify” it. The environmental community in Cleveland is pretty aghast with this proposed gasification. Please come to a pre-rally and press conference at 5 PM Jan. 9 and then the hearing afterwards. People are also invited to come make signs at 4 PM. Continue reading

Cleveland Beyond Coal Meeting (Thu. Oct. 20) and Keystone Pipeline/Tar Sands Protest (Sun. Oct. 23)

Ohio’s air quality is among the worst in the country, causing increased rates of respiratory diseases, and we are one of the top coal-producing states. Beyond Coal invites us to participate in helping solve this problem Thurs., Oct. 20 at Lakewood Library. Second, there is a tar sands oil protest in downtown Cleveland Oct. 23. NASA climate expert James Hansen says if tar sands oil is developed more, it’s game over for climate change. Continue reading

Cleveland Tar Sands Action Protest and Upcoming Protests

Followup on Oct. 15 rally in Shaker Square (Cleveland area) to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline and to stop production of oil from tar sands. Notification of upcoming rally Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011. Continue reading

Why Were 1,253 People Arrested at the White House?

The arrest of 700 people on a bridge in New York is definitely newsworthy (although many protesters there were not trying to get arrested), but what people might not be aware of is that the largest number of civil disobedience arrests since the 1970s just happened this summer in D.C. over the tar sands issue when 1,253 people were arrested at the White House. Continue reading