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Birth of Our Planet

Spinning dust around clump of star / banging itself into planet, battered matter Continue reading

Black History Month Poems #17

Ichthyology studies stars like a mystic / traces the embossing of runes, icthys, / quintessence caught, slow bubbles / in the magnum mysterium Continue reading


Natural streets paved with great plains, / prairies, grasses and forests, / corridors, paths and swaths Continue reading


Being in the right place: / doing right actions / having right livelihood /
behaving forthright– Continue reading


Earth of Earth, / ground, soil, loam, dirt… / Ceiling to many / host to much Continue reading

Eagle Run at the Towpath Trail – April 6, 2014

American bald headed eagle sighting Continue reading

Riparian Planting – March 2014 – Baldwin Creek

Riparian planting pics in the Baldwin Creek area. Continue reading

Written Comment to Ohio EPA: Deal with Cuyahoga Dredging Sediments Safely

My letter to the EPA; public comments are being accepted through March 13, 2014. I attended the public hearing March 6, 2014 at Cleveland Public Library pertaining to the proposal by the Army Corps of Engineers to dump sediments from dredging into the lake. It is the responsibility of our government–the Ohio EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies–to deal with these sediments in a manner that is good for the public and the environment. Continue reading

Holden Arboretum Autumn 2013 Pics

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More Forests, More Happiness, More Real Wealth

Trees provide oxygen, beautiful neighborhoods, help prevent erosion, grab carbon from the atmosphere, feed wildlife and provide habitat. They help cool off cities and reduce energy consumption. Continue reading