Cleaning up Edgewater Beach: “Trash & Pancakes”

Trash & Pancakes event

This is the first year Smith & I worked on cleaning up the beach at the Sierra Club’s annual event, “Trash & Pancakes.” 

We’ve taken stuff off the beach before, but usually just stuff for collage. Today, we hoped to make a more permanent effect on the beach in terms of honoring it & nature by removing litter & hoping that others stop putting litter on the beach, too.

Others in the club said that in previous years, there was a lot more to remove, so I’m glad that some progress has been made. Now, if somehow governments and/or organizations & even businesses will mobilize to permanently clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, we’ll really have made strides!

Trash & Pancakes event

Smith’s bag

Trash & Pancakes event


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