Climate Action Day – Saturday, May 5, the organization that is working on helping raise awareness so that we help reduce CO2 emissions to below 350 ppm, has called for a Climate Action Day May 5. The objective is to have people help other people understand and connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather and to encourage people to participate in events that are environmentally-minded.

There are several Cleveland area events Saturday–at 10 a.m. people can gather at Blue Pike farm to celebrate and learn more about urban agriculture. And at noon some demonstrators are meeting at First Energy Lakeshore Plant, taking pictures near the plant of each other, the plant, banners, etc. to highlight the power plant as a “dirty dot” that can be cleaned up.

If you are not in the Cleveland area, you can find events worldwide via this interactive map (although most events are in the Americas.)

Me, I’ll be participating in the above events in spirit. In the morning I’m considering going to the 3rd International Walk and Run for Peace, Justice and Empowerment. Although the walk is oriented towards victims of injustice in terms of people and violence, I will also be thinking about Mother Earth as a victim of our ignorance regarding how to take better care of her. Let’s stop victimizing people, animals and the environment as much as we can within our understanding starting on May 5.

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