If you held it in your hand or
on a necklace
what a beautiful pendant
it would make

But the planet’s more than a logo
or a picture…

It’s a ballet of living things
swooping and swirling, hoping and hopping
river of wind tassle
tree and leaf

Earth sighs from her sky
and licks land
with water’s
lapping appetite

Vibrant still
despite our abuses
of Her
and ourselves

There’re so many ways back
to the shelter of Her womb
such that we’re things living
in harmony

Zesty as a fecund dog pack threaded
through and through this
yet not overly

Aware agents who can see
what’s there, what’s been,
what can be, kindle repair

Rational believers doing the math,
solid fundamentals, making good use
of schooling, waking up, getting involved
in community
and the land ethic

Lucid dreamtime doers
charming healthiness

Tight with the exercise and work of it then
slack and open, letting wind breathe

Hanging laundry, airing house
through open doors
and windows

~ Lady

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