It’s a 63 degree Fahrenheit day in January in Cleveland, Ohio. My feelings are a bit difficult today. The average high for January in Cleveland is 34, and the average low 22.

It’s like I have cabin fever. Or I don’t know quite what to do with myself. There’s this feeling of poignancy and all time coming together at once. I’d like to simultaneously cry and celebrate. I’d like to go out and run for a second time today, but it somehow feels disrespectful, improper to do it twice in one day. I’ve been restless. My mind has been going in overdrive.

I would like for things to be normal, just normal, and healthy, and good, and that means normal winters, normal issues, not all these issues coming together, 2012 the warmest year on record, wildfires in Australia and snow in Jerusalem.

I mean, not to be too much of a downer because there is a lot of evidence that we’re really starting to get the alternative energy thing going. The U.S. government just approved some aid for offshore wind farms and things are looking up. A lot of countries are developing wind power, solar power, to very significant extents.

And the warmer winter will help bees as typically the winter has been a bit more of a difficult time for them.

But please, Mother Earth, more normalcy, please! Let things just be normal. Let everyone be able to have a great future and present without it meaning spoiling the environment too much. Encourage us to be better people gently!

I opened the window in the kitchen and our cat, Mandy, ran right over to the ledge and breathed the fresh air in for a long time. I breathed it in with her. And I burned some sage and am airing out our apartment. I cleaned. I am somehow prepared and waiting, a little upset, yet hopeful. I love You, Mother Earth.

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