Medicine Wheel from Mother Earth

A medicine wheel is a prescription
for life, a steering wheel for recognizing
paths for good actualization

The medicine of philosophy manifested in action,
vision guiding heroes’ journeys

We each have our own action figure,
our narrator moving through our own

We start out somewhere
on our wheel

It’s made of stones; my friend says stones
are the bones of Mother Earth and I feel she’s right–
hardy results of weather, water, flows of
material arrayed through channel
of process, compaction

To lay out the stones of the wheel
and look at them: thoughts like musical
improvisations, collaborations with
the bones of Mother Earth

Some recurring assignments
the Plains People made–North, South,
East, West with icons for divination

Buffalo Wisdom White North–
may we make homes for them
some kind of native people,
cowboy consensus

Innocence, Coyote Mouse of the Green South:
how I’d like to see with beginner’s eyes, a return
to innocence yet tempered by experience of
faith working–receiving nourishment
in the open hands
of my mind

I started out there but shot quick to the West,
Bear Black Introspection, wrangling with
the internals and logic, cudgeled
myself too much with
material crucible

Material can be handled
reverently better ways

West is also feminine…

And the Golden Eagle of the East
Illumination, Enlightenment

I see its conventional practices
as robed and tomed like math class
for monks–monks with eagle eyes
zooming in and parceling out
grains and lines

~ Lady

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