Checking in with baking soda experiment…

As it turned out, using just baking soda to clean my hair left it a bit dry feeling, kind of hay-like! I did this for two weeks and kind of gave up. So will probably try something else and post more results.

I am ever wondering how to lessen my negative impact on Mother Earth… how far to go. I find myself disgusted with the modern lifestyle in many ways. All this stuff… stuff coming in seemingly endlessly. I mean, I like stuff, but it’s pretty ridiculous, this huge amount of stuff that I have to make decisions about, or just leave stuff-drifts around our household.

I’m craving being outside more. I’m craving hearing wildlife. I’m craving not always being on the computer all the time. Not that I don’t like the computer, it’s just that I’m on it so much, way more than 8 hours daily. I’m craving walking in the woods. I’m craving seeing the lake. I’m craving. It’s a good kind of craving, this craving.

Other news… there was this kind of tangential thing I saw on Facebook, a blurb attached to article about how someone on Fox News claimed that wind turbines contribute to global warming. I cannot see how they could possibly do that. I feel that the person was “tilting at windmills.” Fortunately Fox News is being called out about this. 

Hey, those interested in stopping fracking in Ohio–our group, West Shore FACT, is meeting tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 24 at West Shore Unitarian Church around 12:30. It’s a good group and is getting its legs on the issue. West Shore is at 20401 Hilliard in Rocky River. Here’s a nifty video showing some people of faith who are working on the issue. Let’s keep our water as pure as possible:


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