New Anti-Fracking Group in Cleveland Meeting Thursday

A group of us met a couple times over the summer to see what we can do to work on stopping fracking. While the industry hasn’t really targeted Cleveland itself, it is a regional hub and can act as a focal point for the greater region.

The next meeting of Frack-free Cleveland is 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27 at Gypsy Bean Coffee in their meeting room. They are located at 6425 Detroit Ave. in Cleveland. They ask that attendees please buy something from them, a treat or a drink, so that they can afford to offer the meeting room. I hope people can make it!

I see the purpose of the meeting being to recollect ourselves, take an inventory of skills and knowledge, get an idea of how involved various people can be time-wise, and useful contacts and determine the next step forward, even if it’s just a baby step.

Our last major meeting at Pilgrim we talked about creating a unified message/talking points, but we haven’t yet determined what that message is going to be. So this is something to think about for Thursday, too.

We have a new Facebook Page here: and will be creating a Facebook discussion group soon.

Meeting Recap Sept. 27, 2012

We met at Gypsy Bean–four of us came. Me, Smith, Linda and James. It was a very informal meeting to basically brainstorm what to do next and muse about what we’ve done so far.

I opened with the questions:
1) What are you working on regarding this issue?
2) What would you like to work on?
3) Who do you know and have rapport with in government and other pertinent contacts?
. . .
– James is going to see about getting feedback from Councilman Westbrook via his pastor.
– James is interested in helping with public awareness.
. . .
– Linda meets with the group “FACT” which stands for “Faith Communities Together (Against Fracking).” They meet at 12:15 p.m. on the second and fourth Sundays at West Shore UU Church. We decided to join with them. The next meeting is Sunday, Oct. 14.
– The anti-fracking and Water Sentinel contacts at the NEO Sierra Club might be good people to work with.
– Getting Theresa Mills to speak or others like her to speak might be good for raising awareness.
– Good resource: NEOGap website’s Buckeye Forest Council “Top 10 Reasons to be Concerned About Fracking”
. . .
– Getting contact & status info info from Ben Shapiro (who is moving) good idea (I just emailed a followup with Ben)
Me (Kathy ~ Lady)
. . . . . . . . .
– I’m going to look for fracking ban legislation that Cincinnati and Mansfield passed as sample legislation for Cleveland and/or Cuy. County
– I initiated email with Ben & Councilman Cimperman (my councilman)
– Am continuing compiling a list of studies and handouts so that we have more reference material on hand while talking to elected officials and others
– Am going to work on Facebook “Group” page which allows for better discussion, IMO, on Facebook

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