Moving towards personal sustainability

I’ve been tweaking my daily habits to live more sustainably over the past year by becoming a vegetarian, using less electricity and being very choosy about what I buy and how often.

Gearing up psychologically to take the next step in sustainability, I researched bus schedules today. I work the next county over but I’ve only been commuting to work once or twice a week via car. Cuyahoga County’s RTA does connect with Lake County’s Laketran.

After reviewing the amount of money I’ve been spending for gas and on car repair and maintenance, getting more familiarity and comfort with the bus system makes sense economically. RTA offers a monthly bus pass for $85, and for seniors, it’s only $38.

Google maps has a great feature–it is integrated in with participating areas’ bus routes. From Cleveland to Eastlake is a bit of an investment of time, two hours, but I figure I can do work while I’m on the bus, or get in some reading, and my work hours are flexible.

My brothers in Willoughby are already carless, and I am so glad that they’ve made this lifestyle choice. My grandma, also in Willoughby, uses Laketran about three days a week. So my family is a bit of an example and goad in moving me in this direction.

Will let you know how the commute goes next week after my initial test run…

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