Renewable Energy Development Presentation at Economic Development Luncheon

Listened to Aaron Godwin of The Renaissance Group at a business luncheon today. They do research for renewable energy development.

What stuck with me was this: a single mid-size utility turbine can power an average school for a year. This is one of the speaking points Godwin uses for “Kilowatts for Education,” a group working on–in addition to other things–putting turbines at schools.

Then something that was kind of a downer was that Godwin said it would take millions and millions of area to supply our current generating capacity offshore, and that we don’t have enough material–we simply don’t have enough metal–to manufacture enough turbines, and that there’s a similar issue with solar panels.

Still, he focuses on the exponential growth of wind and solar energy projects, and says that a mixture of energy is a solution… plus…


Efficiency’s the big underreported, unsexy story, he says. That we can do a lot better–consume a lot less energy–by making our devices and use more efficient.

Godwin was also concerned about the business community and localities coming together and networking pertaining to renewable energy development. He felt that those of us in the economic development arena have much work to do to improve our supply chain base and even just our knowledge of what’s currently in our area.

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