Tar Sands Action Followup Meeting (Cleveland); Recyling Information (Cleveland)

I have created a Tar Sands Action meeting Saturday, October 1 from 1-4 in my Cleveland, Ohio area home to help spread the word about what can be done. Please contact me if you’d like to attend. Please brainstorm and bring ideas for effective activism on this issue if you have time before the meeting. Vegetarian pizza, water and beer provided–please feel free to bring a simple snack to share.

Here’s a blog entry I’ve written about the issue that explains the reason people are taking action against oil derived from tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline: http://www.hellomotherearth.net/tar-sands-action/

This in from the Tar Sands Action Group:

All around the country, people will be going to Obama campaign offices in polite but firm fashion to remind him that we took him seriously—that he shouldn’t have made promises about the environment if he didn’t mean them. Watch this video that just arrived from Seattle to get a sense of what we have in mind. We’ll be trying to coordinate this work from city to city—if you’re willing to help in your town, and are certain you can deliver a calm, stern message, sign up here: http://www.tarsandsaction.org/office-visits/

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We’ve been pretty sloppy with the way we recyle. I usually just throw everything that could possibly be recycled into our blue dumpster, but I’ve been feeling sheepish about it so I looked up the rules this morning and will make appropriate adjustments.

Here’s the City of Cleveland’s guide on what one may put in their blue bin as part of Cleveland’s curbside recycling program.

And here’s a great page on the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District’s site. It shows what to do with batteries, books, clothing, construction waste, computers, fire extinguishers, fryer oil, hazardous waste, latex paint, medicine and needles, mercury and fluorescent bulbs, paper shredding, phone books, propane tanks, smoke detectors, styrofoam, tvs and electronics and tires.

City of Cleveland’s Recycling and Environment Page – Information about recycling drop site locations, composting, and other relevant articles.

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