Some have been saying that it’s the end of the world, the end of the Earth. But it’s not. There is no end of the Earth. The Earth can be an end. But there is no end of the Earth. Not for a long time, anyways.¬†That will happen in a timescale involving the words “billions,” “more” and “years.”

Earth is our home and it’s good to be assured that our home is safe so that’s why I say these words. Everyone can be assured.

For one thing, there’s lots of earth on Planet Earth. Worms work Earth. They give birth to more earth. After a human dies the worms eat the human if they can get through the coffin or whatever after a long long time, and they give birth to more earth that way, too. Sometimes people die but no one will be harmed by this poem.

Birds eat worms so that worms know they are valued not only for work, but for food and flying things. And I feed bird seed to the birds to help create more birds, see? That’s how words work sometimes if you see how things can be seeded. And worms are not endangered and birds have a lot to eat.

People eat some things but some things they eat mindlessly and some things they eat mindfully in a good way and sometimes they are too neurotic so that’s not so fun. Sometimes it’s better to be mindless, like a “be in.” Just sit in the great big mind.

THINK-BE-DO is kind of like a recipe, and a recipe is like an art with not just one way of doing things. A recipe is like a template, a springboard you can customize.

Some people eat birds, but there will never be a last bird. Not in your lifetime, at least. And you will have a very nice, long life. Most of you, I am sure.

We are lucky to be here now. We are lucky to have each other and the time to say some words. Just because being is ubiquitous doesn’t make it unlucky.

Let’s think about our words and think not too much about the end of the Earth. Let’s think instead about how we can tend the worms during our lifetimes and after and the birds and the mycorrhizal fungi, too.

~ Lady

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