Top-down and bottom-up

In this age where we have so many people yet we have not yet done a world-wide upgrade of our implementation of various agricultural, industrial and energy generation practices to those that are more harmonious to the healthy functioning of Mother Earth, there are so many symptoms and aspects to deal with, repercussions.

There are so many pressing issues. Here are just a couple I can think of that come to mind:

– Helping the bees thrive
– Stopping global warming
– Preventing people from developing tar sands oil
– Keeping our waters clean
– Stopping fracking
– Stopping the abuse of water, air and soil
– Stopping the abuse of animals
– Stopping the abuse of humans
– Protecting our remaining wildernesses and wild species, and helping areas recover

Basically it comes down to a revolution of the way we live our lives. We must stop abusing nature. I think of the typical way people in the US live:

– Get up in the morning, eat GMO cereals (harmful to insects and maybe us) with hormone-laden milk (abuses animals and us), or bacon (abuses animals and planet’s resources) and eggs (typically abuses birds). Often lots of hard-to-recycle packaging is involved as well (abuses Mother Earth)
– Drive to work (abuses planet by use of fossil fuel) in an air-conditioned or heated office (abuses planet again as most energy is not provided by renewable sources)
– Eat lunch (if not vegan, abuses Mother Earth and animals)

Anyways, you get the idea: our typical lifestyle needs to be revamped. And the abuse of resources and animals and Mother Earth is so prevalent, it’s difficult to extract ourselves as individuals from it.

There are some things we can do as individuals, such as eating more vegan meals, working more from home, supporting CSAs (community-supported agriculture) so that we eat more local foods and foods that tend to not be over-packaged. We can drive more efficient cars so that we’re not using so much fossil fuel.

I think, though, that top-down reform is called for. We can do this bottom-up stuff, and certainly it helps, but definitely it will make everything easier to have top-down reform from our governments to make it easier to live lifestyles that do not abuse the planet.

Top-down regulation will help us develop more energy from renewable resources, wind and sun and wave, so that we can turn on the lights without feeling guilty and maybe in the future we’ll be able to drive around guiltlessly, too.

Top-down regulation will help us stop abusing animals so much, especially bees. Top-down regulation is called for to stop the prevalence of monoculture crop farming. And this top-down regulation is more easily effected by our governments.

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