What would it be like if You were a big being holding the oblate ball of the Earth in Your hand – would it be wet? What would it feel like? Would clouds run over your fingers like slippery cold eddies of being? Would You feel dimension to it?

Would Your touch be solar wind, energy, light? The backdrop of stars like diamonds on velvet.

Looking at the masses of solidity You might wonder – what’s living on that? Maybe you’d take a potion and shrink yourself down into Alice to walk in Wonderland. You’d start as a giant and then shrink and fall into that which You’d held, you’d fall into water licking You wet, the thrashing wash of blue waves rushing in.

In space You heard no sound but suddenly as a little being on the planet You’d feel vibrations in Your ears – thrubs and warbles and yodels. So many beings obliviously busy, hands working the knit of this symphony of dreams like water for fish.

But You would not be stuck. You could just snap Your fingers and You would spring back up big in space like something looking at itself, all those stars eyes lighting what they look on, Your chest some big slow moving cotton candy nebula, whatever You thought or want within and around You, comforted in Your own embrace, Namaste.

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